[squeak-dev] [ANN] Good bye FunSqueak

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2005 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 11:51:33 UTC 2018

Now I focusing on use Squeak derivated .image for build web 2.0 pages with
help of external html5,css,js
On www.squeakros.org user Œvisita¹ you see a view of normal swiki using
tiddlywiki ideas.
But not only you render swiki pages with some number When you get today
response try: gives rendered squeak buttons, if you click
, some works .
And I working on WebAssembly, have a ³forensics² and a ³compiler² tool
working which gives same as WABT


Now I back to MicroSqueakDev ,SqueakBootstrapper, earlier Spoon,
PharoCandle, Fenix.

Wish made a kind of super minimal image with wasm bytecodes  working on
V8,Spider Monkey, WebKit.
Right now wasm do not have GC but in one of two years sure have.
So in next future maybe Smalltalk rules all With a Little Help from My


On 20/08/2018, 12:45, "John-Reed Maffeo" <jrmaffeo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Edgar,
> Thank you for all you work on Fun Squeak over the years. It is one of the
> things I like to share with people to whom I introduce Squeak. It always gets
> a "Wow!". 
> I look forward to seeing the outcomes of your inspirations from Craig!
> -jrm

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