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Eliot Miranda eliot.miranda at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 20:53:06 UTC 2018

Hi Leon,

> On Aug 28, 2018, at 12:12 PM, Leon Matthes <leon.matthes at student.hpi.de> wrote:
> Eliot Miranda-2 wrote
>> In Pharo's Playground errors in syntax highlighting are reset after a new
>> line (see below).  So one only sees one line of red before syntax
>> highlighting works as desired again.  This makes it bearable.  So if we
>> are to enable syntax highlighting by default can we first create a
>> subclass or mode of the Shout styler that resets its parse after a new
>> line where preceding characters have been marked as in error?  Note also
>> that the results of doit are inserted into the text as comments.
> Does this also work with formatted code? for example cascades that span
> multiple lines.

Yes it does.  I *think* the algorithm is to reset the next line when the current levels be is in error.  But I would check out Pharo to see how it’s really done.

> timrowledge wrote
>> This is why I would prefer not to see this change - 
> <http://forum.world.st/attachment/5083803/0/Screen%20Shot%202018-08-28%20at%2010.08.14%20AM.png> 
> Okay, I see your problem.
> Do you usually stick to one form of highlighting, either on or off, for all
> your Workspaces?
> Because if this is the case, I would suggest to save whether the user wants
> to enable code styling whenever Workspace>>#toggleStyling is called and to
> just use the saved state whenever a new Workspace is created, instead of
> relying on one default.
> This would allow people like me who almost always want syntax highlighting
> to just enable it once and everyone else to just keep it at the default.
> Kind regards,
> Leon (original author of the commit)
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