[squeak-dev] [5.2a] styled text in a class comment spawns endless subscript out-of-bounds

K K Subbu kksubbu.ml at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 18:32:13 UTC 2018

On Thursday 05 July 2018 10:09 PM, Bob Arning wrote:
> A useful step would be to check this:
> (Text allInstances select: [ :e | e size ~= e runs size]) explore
> and see if it finds anything. If people did it periodically (like before 
> and after loading new code from somewhere) we might know if/how these 
> anomalies might be created.
Text drops bad runs silently in:

setString: aString setRunsChecking: aRunArray
	aRunArray size = aString size ifFalse: [^ aString asText].
	runs := aRunArray

This method is called from PositionableStream>>#nextChunkText but not 
from #nextChunkTextFromStream: methods of converter used by 

Should these methods be changed to check runs? or should we catch the 
error in MultiByteStream>>#nextChunkText post conversion?

Regards .. Subbu

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