[squeak-dev] This is the Help System failure...

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2005 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 10:52:28 UTC 2018

Chris :

Don't listen to dislikes.

You are a master and do not should be forced to use Monticello.

I beg go back to .cs as in the old days.


On 17/07/2018, 19:09, "Chris Muller" <ma.chris.m at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Hannes and all,

What if someone submits code to trunk that is incompatible
> with the MIT license?

Bottom-line:  Deleting a Version from trunk is an
> occasional use-case.
Period.  It's part of the administrators UI and the above
> may not be
the only occasion to need to do so.

Just to make sure I've
> acknowleged and respected and evaluated all of
your feedbacks:

  1) "totally
> unnecessary",
  2) "it would save almost nothing",
  3) "break the images of
> everyone who had updated before the
suggested removal of the verions",
> "causes more problems than it solves."
  5) "risky"

With all due respect,
> generally, none of the above is true.  This is
trunk development guys.  There
> is no meaningful "risk" and no
meaningful breakage by properly deleting a bad
> commit.

For the rare occasion when a bad commit happens, instead of shifting
> a
permanent cost for it onto all future code consumption for all users,
> should instead opt to incur only a very small and temporary cost
(if any!)
> which is also limited in scope to the one or two people who
may have updated
> since the bad commit.  If any special action is
required, a note to
> squeak-dev, but people doing trunk development
probably already know what to
> do.  So the impact of this is
practically zero.

Hopefully bad commits won't
> happen very often, but if/when one does,
you can expect me to continue to
> administer source.squeak.org with the
care and respect it deserves -- like a
> delicate flower I want to keep
healthy and preserved -- and continue to expect
> the same from you.
IOW, I'm asking you to regard the health of the code
> repository with
equal  importance to the health of the image.


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