[squeak-dev] Dynabook concept, critic view

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Wed Jul 25 15:40:15 UTC 2018

Le 24/07/2018 à 06:39, H. Hirzel a écrit :
> The Dynabook concept is often linked to the Etoys concept and
> implementation.  I think it is important that you remind us that Etoys
> is constructivism oriented and as such is not the only learning model.
> So it actually results in the conclusion that the field of application
> of the Dynabook idea is much wider.  In the sense of  a 'Dynamic book'
> read and used on an electronic device.
> A question then is
> Do we think of a 'Dynamic note book'?
> A note book comes with initially blank pages and this is what the
> current Squeak/Pharo/Cuis releases represent at the moment.

For me they are programming Smalltalk environment.

> What does 'writing a dynamic essay' mean?
> As with traditional text book writing there is
> a) formatted text and
> b) graphics. What comes in addition are
> c) short scripts relying on existing material to produce graphics and
> animations.
> d) sound
> e) video

f) Glueing together simulation with Smalltalk code
> Then a last question which I think should be investigated thoroughly
> be looking also at past efforts.
> What makes such an endeavour successful?
> As a contribution towards an answer I have
> a) "ease of use".
> - This is mostly about the language and DSL used for scripting
> - And for this to happen it also means that there is a considerable
> collection of examples.
> b) availability of a "lesson / teaching units collection" .

c) matching the teacher needs

d) ease of re-usability of simulation

f) ease to glue simulations together build meta-simulation

g) in-situ documentation and guiding

> In terms of downloads, your Dr. Geo implementation of a Smalltalk
> based scripting environment for producing teaching and learning
> artifacts is successful. So the question may as well be
> "What will make it MORE successful?"
Not sure.


> --Hannes
> [1] In terms of implementation  _one option_ is that the content is
> assembled in the Smalltalk environment and  then an exported version
> in HTML/CSS/JavaScript is produced to be read on the web.

Dr. Geo

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