[squeak-dev] what's the plan for Etoys in trunk?

marcel.taeumel Marcel.Taeumel at hpi.de
Wed Jun 6 08:06:18 UTC 2018

Etoys is one of the reasons we do not go for 6.0 but keep it 5.2. Too much
work ahead to improve modularization for Etoys, which was also not good
before the merger.

What we could do is to scan those deprecated messages and make sure they do
not get sent in the Trunk. Meaning all *Deprecated packages. The Etoys
merger introduced some again.

The Etoys merger added some nice games, which can be played via the Objects
catalog. :-) Including Chess.

Plain unloading of packages or classes that have not been there in 5.1 is
not a good way to move forward. We have to understand the concepts and
mechanics first and then propose some useful refactorings of the code. Etoys
is a great chance to discover valuable extension points in our tools and
code base. Yet, this takes more time than we seem to have available for the
5.2 release.


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