[squeak-dev] Some failing tests in Squeak5.2alpha

Levente Uzonyi leves at caesar.elte.hu
Wed Jun 13 12:02:42 UTC 2018

On Wed, 13 Jun 2018, Fabio Niephaus wrote:

> Hi all,
> There might be more, but these tests fail in Squeak5.2alpha:
> DateAndTimeLeapTest>>#testAsSeconds

If you can answer the question "When the Squeak epoch is?", then this can 
be fixed.

> DoubleWordArrayTest>>#testCannotPutTooLargeValue

Passes here on 64-bit linux. Probably a VM issue.

> UTF16TextConverterTest>>#testByteOrders
> UTF16TextConverterTest>>#testByteOrdersWithNonLatin

These two are related to the changes of UTF16TextConverter from April, 
2017. The class side #initializeLatin1MapAndEncodings in TextConveter was 
changed to assume that all TextConverter instances respond to #encode:, 
but only ByteTextConveters do, and UTF16TextConveter is not a 
The error raised is ignored during the execution of the method, because 
errors are only expected to be raised at that point when the character has 
no representation in the target encoding, so latin1Encodings will be 
filled up with nil values, which means exactly that, the character cannot be 
represented in that encoding.

Other converter tests (except for UTF8EdgeCaseTest) are failing, because 
the class side tables are not initialized properly, or the encoding was 
changed (MacRoman), but the tables were not updated. Those can be fixed 
with an appropriate package post script, but UTF16TextConveter should be 
fixed first, as that also uses the class side tables, even though it 


> If someone could have a look at them that would be great!
> Best,
> Fabio

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