[squeak-dev] The Trunk: Morphic-cbc.1450.mcz

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Wed Jun 13 17:54:30 UTC 2018

> However, after changing the rotationCenter, the morph still rotates around the center of the morph, and not around the #rotationCenter.  That is kind of annoying.  (Although I haven't ever tried this before today - still, it would be nice if all the pieces worked together.)

I noted a similar problem in '13 with rotating Scratch costumes and found the following in my notes - 
>> ScratchSpriteMorph>turnRight: 15 is test case
>> Hm. Looks like old WarpBlt class>rotate:degrees:… returns a mixup point negative to nu version
>> Swapping the 
>>                offsetWhenRotated := (costume rotationCenter + pair last) rounded].
>> for
>>                offsetWhenRotated := (costume rotationCenter - pair last) rounded].
>> Makes the level crossing barrier do the right thing. 

Maybe that still has some relevance?

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