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Sun Jun 17 01:15:23 UTC 2018

Eliot Miranda uploaded a new version of Compiler to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Compiler-eem.387
Author: eem
Time: 16 June 2018, 6:15:08.755516 pm
UUID: 2a8c2667-3328-4cd4-a7c9-c98e04d6ddf2
Ancestors: Compiler-eem.386

Fix the decompiler for the full lock regime.  There isn't much in the decompiler that directly refers to the method inst var (most accesses use self method, which answers the sender inst var of InstructionStream).  But case statements is one of them (specifically myExits := myExits reject: [ :e | e isNil or: [ e < 0 or: [ e > method endPC ] ] ]).  The bug was that doClosureCopy:copiedValues: was only setting up sender but not method and so case statements were mishandled within full blocks (e.g. in LanguageEditor>>asHtml:) becausde the wrong endPC was being used.

=============== Diff against Compiler-eem.386 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Decompiler>>doClosureCopy:copiedValues: (in category 'control') -----
  doClosureCopy: aCompiledBlock copiedValues: blockCopiedValues
  	| savedTemps savedTempVarCount savedNumLocalTemps savedMethod savedPC
  	  blockArgs blockTemps blockTempsOffset block |
  	savedTemps := tempVars.
  	savedTempVarCount := tempVarCount.
  	savedNumLocalTemps := numLocalTemps.
  	numLocalTemps := aCompiledBlock numTemps - aCompiledBlock numArgs - blockCopiedValues size.
  	blockTempsOffset := aCompiledBlock numArgs + blockCopiedValues size.
  	(blockStartsToTempVars notNil "implies we were intialized with temp names."
  	 and: [blockStartsToTempVars includesKey: aCompiledBlock])
  			[tempVars := blockStartsToTempVars at: aCompiledBlock]
  			[blockArgs := (1 to: aCompiledBlock numArgs) collect:
  							[:i| (constructor
  									codeTemp: i - 1
  									named: 't', (tempVarCount + i) printString)
  			blockTemps := (1 to: numLocalTemps) collect:
  							[:i| constructor
  									codeTemp: i + blockTempsOffset - 1
  									named: 't', (tempVarCount + i + aCompiledBlock numArgs) printString].
  			tempVars := blockArgs, blockCopiedValues, blockTemps].
  	tempVarCount := tempVarCount + aCompiledBlock numArgs + numLocalTemps.
  	savedMethod := self method. savedPC := pc.
+ 	super method: (method := aCompiledBlock) pc: aCompiledBlock initialPC.
- 	super method: aCompiledBlock pc: aCompiledBlock initialPC.
  	block := [self blockTo: aCompiledBlock endPC]
+ 				ensure: [super method: (method := savedMethod) pc: savedPC].
- 				ensure: [super method: savedMethod pc: savedPC].
  	stack addLast: ((constructor
  						codeArguments: (tempVars copyFrom: 1 to: aCompiledBlock numArgs)
  						temps: (tempVars copyFrom: blockTempsOffset + 1 to: blockTempsOffset + numLocalTemps)
  						block: block)
  							pc: aCompiledBlock -> pc; "c.f. BytecodeEncoder>>pc"
  	tempVars := savedTemps.
  	tempVarCount := savedTempVarCount.
  	numLocalTemps := savedNumLocalTemps!

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