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Name: Help-Squeak-Project-kks.58
Author: kks
Time: 29 June 2018, 1:09:30.504244 pm
UUID: 7231fa67-0233-4b55-8691-9e43ad675268
Ancestors: Help-Squeak-Project-tpr.57

Added a new help topic for new contributors

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+ ----- Method: SqueakProjectHelp class>>squeakHowToContribute (in category 'pages') -----
+ squeakHowToContribute
+ 	"This method was automatically generated. Edit it using:"
+ 	"SqueakProjectHelp edit: #squeakHowToContribute"
+ 	^HelpTopic
+ 		title: 'How to Contribute'
+ 		contents: 
+ 'Squeak is an active project maintained by volunteers around the world through a community driven process.
+ Squeak makes it easy to propose corrections, enhancements or new features by accepting contributions in the form of changesets saved to the Inbox repository. Such submissions are automatically posted to the Squeak-Dev mailing list for review and discussions. Approved changesets are then applied to the main Trunk repository by maintainers and then distributed to current users through the Update Squeak operation.
+ The precise steps for submitting changesets are described in the Squeak Wiki page:
+    How to Contribute to Squeak
+ Squeak improves and evolves constantly through such contributions, so go ahead and upload your proposal to the Inbox!!
+ ]style[(80 24 143 16 347 27 118),Rhttps://squeak.org/development_process/;,,Rhttp://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/6545;,,Rhttp://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/3279;,!!' readStream nextChunkText!

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