[squeak-dev] LittleSmalltalk and loading od 2004 .pr

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2005 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 30 09:41:10 UTC 2018

I do exactly this in Mac and still have the error.
See today if in Linux have same issue, for completeness.
Again is no problem.
I made a .cs in 3.10.2 including the the code for ScriptableButton and load
this and the morph first.


On 29/06/2018, 19:18, "H. Hirzel" <hannes.hirzel at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello
> the discussion about endianness and re-saving the project brought me
> to the idea of doing the following.
> a) Take a Squeak 3.10.2 image such as the
> http://folk.uio.no/trygver/assets/BabyIDE.zip version from Trygve Reenskaug
> use an interpreter VM to open it.  (this is the VM you get when you
> install it from the 'software center' in Ubuntu, i.e. the interpreter
> VM.
> b) start Squeak 3.10.2 with
>       squeak 7179-basic.356publ.image
> c) drop LittleSmalltalk.001.pr  onto the desktop of the BabyIDE
> (Squeak 3.10.2) version.
> d) save the project locally (I have chosen 'include change sets')
>     In the Squeaklets folder there is now  LittleSmalltalk.002.pr
> e) drop   LittleSmalltalk.002.pr onto the desktop of Squeak 5.2a
> latest update: #18117
> This now does NO LONGER bring up the endianness error message. It
> brings up message which is well known in the meantime about
> MethodProperties.
> See this thread

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