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Sat Nov 10 04:43:46 UTC 2018

Eliot Miranda uploaded a new version of SystemReporter to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: SystemReporter-eem.40
Author: eem
Time: 9 November 2018, 8:42:06.189082 pm
UUID: 8ef90e26-589b-4798-af85-490c58c03946
Ancestors: SystemReporter-eem.39

Include description of the flags in VM parameter 65.

=============== Diff against SystemReporter-eem.39 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SystemReporter>>reportVMParameters: (in category 'reporting') -----
  reportVMParameters: aStream
  	| vmParameters isStack isCog isSpur |
  	self header: 'Virtual Machine Parameters' on: aStream.
  	vmParameters := Smalltalk vm getVMParameters.
  	isStack := (vmParameters at: 42 ifAbsent: [0]) ~= 0. "42 = number of stack pages available"
  	isCog := isStack and: [(vmParameters at: 46) ~= 0].  "46 is machine code zone size"
  	isSpur := isStack and: [(vmParameters at: 41) anyMask: 2r10000]. "41 is imageFormatVersion for the VM; bit 16 is the Spur bit"
  			[#(	1	'size of old space'
  				2	'size of young+old space'
  				3	'size of memory'
  				4	'allocationCount'
  				5	'allocations between GCs'
  				6	'survivor count tenuring threshold')]
  			[#(	1	'size of old space'
  				2	'used bytes in new space (used eden + used past space)'
  				3	'size of heap')]),
  	#(	7	'full GCs since startup'
  		8	'total milliseconds in full GCs since startup'),
  		ifFalse: [#(	9	'incremental GCs since startup'
  					10	'total milliseconds in incremental GCs since startup'
  					11	'tenures of surving objects since startup'),
  					{12 to: 19. 'specific to the translating VM'}]
  		ifTrue: [#(	9	'scavenging GCs since startup'
  					10	'total milliseconds in scavenging GCs since startup'
  					11	'tenures of surving objects since startup'),
  					{12 to: 15. 'reserved for future use'},
  				#(	16	'total microseconds in idle since startup'
  					17	'proportion of code zone available for use (Sista VMs only; read-write)'
  					18	'total milliseconds in full GC compaction since startup (a portion of parameter 8)'
  					19	'scavenge threshold; the effective size of eden')]),
  	#(	20  'utc microseconds at startup (if non-zero)'
  		21	'root/remembered table size (occupancy)'
  		22	'root/remembered table overflows since startup'
  		23	'bytes of extra memory to reserve for VM buffers, plugins, etc.'
  		24	'free memory threshold above which object memory will be shrunk'
  		25	'memory headroom when growing object memory'),
  			[#(	26  'interruptChecksEveryNms - force an ioProcessEvents every N milliseconds, in case the image is not calling getNextEvent often')]
  			[#(	26  'heartbeat period (ms; see #58)')]),
  			[#(	27	'number of times mark loop iterated for current IGC/FGC includes ALL marking'
  				28	'number of times sweep loop iterated  for current IGC/FGC'
  				29	'number of times make forward loop iterated for current IGC/FGC'
  				30	'number of times compact move loop iterated for current IGC/FGC')]
  		ifTrue: [#()]),
  	#(	31	'number of grow memory requests'
  		32	'number of shrink memory requests'),
  			[#(	33	'number of root table entries used for current IGC/FGC'
  				34	'number of allocations done before current IGC/FGC'
  				35	'number of survivor objects after current IGC/FGC'
  				36  'millisecond clock when current IGC/FGC completed'
  				37  'number of marked objects for Roots of the world, not including Root Table entries for current IGC/FGC'
  				38  'milliseconds taken by current IGC'
  				39  'Number of finalization signals for Weak Objects pending when current IGC/FGC completed')]
  			[#(	33	'number of root table entries at last scavenge'
  				35	'number of survivor objects at last scavenge (if non-zero)'
  				36  'millisecond clock when current scavenge completed'
  				38  'milliseconds taken by current scavenge'
  				39  'Number of finalization signals for Weak Objects pending when current SGC/FGC completed')]),
  	#(	40  'VM word size - 4 or 8'),
  				41	'imageFormatVersion for the VM'
  				42	'number of stack pages available'
  				43	'desired number of stack pages (stored in image file header, max 65535)'
  				44	'size of eden, in bytes'
  				45	'desired size of eden, in bytes (stored in image file header)'
  				46	'machine code zone size, in bytes (0 in Stack VM)'
  				47	'desired machine code zone size (0 => default 1Mb)'
  				48	'various persistent image header flags.  See getCogVMFlags in the VM source.'
  				49	'max size the image promises to grow the external semaphore table to'),
  					[{	50 to: 51.	'reserved for VM parameters that persist in the image (such as size of eden above)'.
  						52 to: 56.	'specific to Spur' }]
  					[{	50 to: 51.	'reserved for VM parameters that persist in the image (such as size of eden above)' },
  					#(	52			'root/remembered table capacity'
  						53			'number of old space segments'
  						54			'total free old space'
  						55			'ratio of growth and image size at or above which a GC will be performed post scavenge')]),
  			#(	56	'number of process switches since startup'
  				57	'number of ioProcessEvents calls since startup'
  				58	'number of forceInterruptCheck calls since startup'
  				59	'number of check event calls since startup'
  				60	'number of stack page overflows since startup'
  				61	'number of stack page divorces since startup'
  				62	'compiled code compactions since startup'),
  					[#(	63	'total milliseconds in compiled code compactions since startup'
  						64	'the number of methods that currently have jitted machine-code')]),
+ 			{	65.	'Cog feature flags\		bit 0: set if the VM supports MULTIPLE_BYTECODE_SETS.\		bit 1: set if the VM supports read-only objects.\		bit 2: set if the VM has an ITIMER_HEARTBEAT' withCRs.
+ 				66.	'the byte size of a stack page'.},
- 			#(	65	'whether the VM supports MULTIPLE_BYTECODE_SETS or not.'
- 				66	'the byte size of a stack page'),
  					[{	67 to: 69.	'reserved for more Cog-related info' }]
  					[#(	67		'the maximum allowed size of old space (if zero there is no limit)'
  						68		'the average number of live stack pages when scanned by scavenge/gc/become'
  						69		'the maximum number of live stack pages when scanned by scavenge/gc/become')]),
  			#(	70	'the vmProxyMajorVersion (the interpreterProxy VM_MAJOR_VERSION)'
  				71	'the vmProxyMinorVersion (the interpreterProxy VM_MINOR_VERSION)')]
  	pairsDo: [:idx :desc | | value values |
  		aStream nextPut: $#.
  		idx isInteger
  				[value := vmParameters at: idx.
  				 aStream print: idx; tab: (idx < 10 ifTrue: [2] ifFalse: [1]); nextPutAll: ((value isInteger and: [idx ~= 41]) ifTrue: [value asStringWithCommas] ifFalse: [value printString])]
  				[value := vmParameters at: idx first.
  				 aStream print: idx first; next: 2 put: $.; print: idx last; tab.
  				 values := idx collect: [:i| vmParameters at: i].
  				 values asSet size = 1
  					ifTrue: [aStream print: value]
  					ifFalse: [values do: [:v| aStream print: v] separatedBy: [aStream nextPutAll: ', ']]].
  		aStream tab; nextPutAll: desc; cr]!

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