[squeak-dev] #= ==> #hash issues

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Nov 16 00:38:16 UTC 2018

Somehow I missed Eliot's version, but unsurprisingly he had exactly the
same idea (use "last" not "stop" for hash). I'd still think bitXor: is
preferable to bitOr, that is the standard way in almost all hash methods.
But ...

BUT: I forgot about the super fallback in #=. That makes this discussion
pretty much moot, because since

#(1 2 3) = (1 to: 3) "true"

is true, this must also be true:

#(1 2 3) hash = (1 to: 3) hash  "must be true"

So the only proper fix IMHO is to remove #hash from Interval (or replace it
with ^super hash and a proper comment)

- Bert -
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