[squeak-dev] High language to express low level code

pierre misse pierre_misse25 at msn.com
Tue Apr 2 06:03:20 UTC 2019


I'm currently trying to create a "high" level language to that aims to express low level concepts through transpilation to C.

I have a limited experience building such programs, and thought people who build virtual machines would be the right group of people to ask what they need in low level programing!
I've also made some research, and stumbled Slang, on which i found little documentation (probably because i didn't find the right combination of words).

So if you have a bit of time to share, i'd love to know:

  *   What you kind of concepts you need
  *   What's not required, but interesting
  *   What you'd wish to hide from C to be taken care of by the transpiler

Thank you in advance.

Pierre Misse.
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