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Yah. I had to rant about this a little a while ago (look for list mails around mid-jan 2019, subject ' Refactoring browser loading'). Like you I found several divergent explanations of how to load the tools and mostly they didn't work. Eventually there *is* a way, but yes, I'd concur that they ought to be folded in with the basic tools - and then improved to be less painful to use.

> On 2019-04-04, at 12:54 PM, Jakob Reschke <forums.jakob at resfarm.de> wrote:
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> That's part of the guessing game, isn't it? ;-) tl;dr: the "Refactoring Tools" are on the SqueakMap for Squeak 5.2
> The Squeak Wiki tells you all kinds of things like installing Refactoring Browser from SqueakMap, the third Google hit is actually a diff view of a Wiki page, then there is a note that the OmniBrowser is not supported anymore... alright, don't want to know that. But hey, at least it mentions SqueakMap. (But still you need to know that for the latest Squeak, you need the "Tools", not the "Browser". I'll put the words "Refactoring Tools" on the pages I came across.)
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> By the way, why are the refactoring tools not in Trunk? Other IDEs that call themselves like that come with their refactoring tools preinstalled.

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