[squeak-dev] The Inbox: System-cmm.1059.mcz

Tobias Pape Das.Linux at gmx.de
Thu Apr 4 20:13:56 UTC 2019

> On 04.04.2019, at 21:54, Jakob Reschke <forums.jakob at resfarm.de> wrote:
> Am Do., 4. Apr. 2019 um 16:51 Uhr schrieb Tim Johnson <digit at sonic.net>:
> On Apr 2, 2019, at 3:00 PM, Jakob Reschke wrote:
> > Installing the current incarnation of the refactoring tools might  
> > be another good candidate for an image initialization shortlist. I  
> > mostly live without them just because the buttons to install them  
> > are too many clicks away...
> Where are they?
> That's part of the guessing game, isn't it? ;-) tl;dr: the "Refactoring Tools" are on the SqueakMap for Squeak 5.2


Installer ensureRecentMetacello.
Metacello new
	configuration: 'RefactoringTools';


> The Squeak Wiki tells you all kinds of things like installing Refactoring Browser from SqueakMap, the third Google hit is actually a diff view of a Wiki page, then there is a note that the OmniBrowser is not supported anymore... alright, don't want to know that. But hey, at least it mentions SqueakMap. (But still you need to know that for the latest Squeak, you need the "Tools", not the "Browser". I'll put the words "Refactoring Tools" on the pages I came across.)
> So there we go:
> 1) open SqueakMap Catalog from Apps menu
> 2) no packages there (Trunk image), have to right-click the package list and disable "New safely-available packages"
> 3) enter "refactoring" in the Search package box, hit return. Takes me to AwesomAtom first. Hmm. Unfortunately Refactoring Tools starts with an R, so I won't get there with repeated return hitting any time soon
> 3½) since I happen to already know the name, scroll down to Refactoring Tools manually
> 4) right-click, Install. "The package has no published release for your Squeak version [...]". Yes. Another warning prompt, yes.
> Done!
> 9 clicks or scroll actions if you know where to look (without step 3). Does not sound too bad actually, but still if you grab a new image every now and then and repeat it for multiple packages...
> Would have been 2 clicks from the Do menu, or maybe two-and-a-half if the Apps or Tools menu had a submenu to install often-used or recommended packages.
> By the way, why are the refactoring tools not in Trunk? Other IDEs that call themselves like that come with their refactoring tools preinstalled.

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