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Mon Apr 8 12:24:17 UTC 2019

Am Mo., 8. Apr. 2019 um 10:22 Uhr schrieb Fabio Niephaus <
lists at fniephaus.com>:

> On Mon, 8 Apr 2019 at 7:33 am, Chris Muller <asqueaker at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I didn't grok Fabio's idea at first.  It saves having to click any
>> menu at all.  Brilliant.
+1, "It's a kind of magic" ♫ but it's short to read and both resolves the
discussion and improves the UX.

>  Not sure if the Git infra depends on Metacello, but Metacello definitely
> does not depend on the Git tools.

Correct. And Metacello is not required to run the Git tools either, but it
is used to load them (loading them without Metacello would require lot's of
manual steps).
I would also rather like to see the two separated. Loading the Git tools
also loads some other stuff that's not in trunk.

> Could we just add a GitBrowser item to the Tools menu and install the Git
> infrastructure when it's clicked for the first time?

+1 as alternative for the disputed Do menu entry

> One more question: Would it be better to prompt the user to confirm the
> installation of Metacello and Git (as in "Do you want to install X? (A
> connection to the Internet is required).")? Let's say I'm offline and click
> on GitBrowser, then I'd know stuff needs to be loaded from the web.
> Otherwise, I'd probably just see a debugger.

Seems justified.
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