[squeak-dev] Lessons learned from (Re: Faster fibonacci)

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Fri Apr 26 02:40:04 UTC 2019

Several actual things (as opposed to some really stupid whinging from a couple of people on the Pi forums) have come up in pursuit of faster fibonacci finding.

First up, still a question -

> On 2019-04-19, at 1:41 PM, tim Rowledge <tim at rowledge.org> wrote:
> I'm being told that the .cs file I posted doesn't work on a Windows VM because of an apparent inability to write to stout on Windows - is this correct? *should* it work and it just got broken?

I looked a the VM code and it appears to be there to make stdout etc for Windows work. I still can't use it on Win10. then again, just what *does* work properly on Win10? I see lots of complaints about pretty much everything.

Running stuff from a commandline.

Conceptually it ought to be practical to do -
`squeak my.image myCode.cs`
... and it sort of is. The good news is that the readDocumentAtStartup related code mostly gets things right and even handles the file(s) being zipped or on an http server somewhere. Cool! However, it seems that the stdout related initialisation in FileStream gets run *after* the readDocumentAtStartup code  - which means any code wanting to write to stdout is out of luck unless the file handles just happen to be already correct from a previous start/save cycle. Clearly this is unlikely when starting a clean image, especially form a freshly downloaded all-in-one package. 

Looking at FileStream class initialise I see 
		addToStartUpList: self after: SecurityManager; "the intent being before: AutoStart"
and yet inspecting the startuplist shows that FileStream comes well *after* AutoStart (which in a somewhat convoluted way actually makes ProjectLauncher actually do the startup document reading) and so we got things messed up sometime.

Also, it would be nice for there to be an accessible way to have the system read the file and execute it and never open the main window. I have whined about this before to usually uninterested ears, but the main window should not open until some code actually pushes pixels to the glass. That's largely a simple (ish) VM change, to the best of my knowledge. It's always been that way on RISC OS, so it clearly can work. There is, of course, also the possibility that some class in the StartUpList would trigger this before we get to ProjectLauncher>>#startUpAfterLogin. VisualWorks can do this, so we should be able to.

Default file directories, particularly with all-in-one

This is always a tricky one to make consistent; we always know what we *want* it to be but working it out can be fun. The general algorithm we use is 'the directory the image was in' but most OSs have their own idea of what a current working directory is and users often want to work with that instead. I got trapped by this in the fastfib stuff because the all-in-one package has the image in most definitely-not the CWD. Unless you do actually cd to the image's directory. Trying to explain this to people that are doing their best to make Smalltalk look bad is ... tricky. As an example, consider using the all-in-one after cd-ing to the Squeak-x.x-All-in-One directory as suggested. Run the vm via the squeak.sh on the image in Contents/Resources - works ok. Now try including the myCode.cs from above; if it is in the cwd it will not be found because the default dir is actually seen as Squeak-x.x-All-in-One/Contents/Resources and you have a puzzled user. Even more fun happens if myCode.cs is 'correctly' referred to with an absolute path but tries to write an output file (because we couldn't write to stdout under Win10, ibid.) 

Screen-centred dialogues and the self-centred progressbar

Turns out that an annoyingly common case is for a dialogue to try to popup - to ask for what to do about some error? - whilst the progressbar is running. At the same centre of the screen. Where the progressbar insists on being on top and hiding the dialogue. Preventing anyone from seeing that there is a dialogue to respond to. Irritating all and sundry.

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