[squeak-dev] [ANN] ScriptBook 0.3

Chris Cunnington brasspen at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 13:56:24 UTC 2019

>Tonel seems Pharo, probably the others too.
>How you test if works ?
>Pharo is very different of Squeak this days.

Yup, more good questions. And I’ll point the responsibility elsewhere. I figure if people publish a script, then it probably works. 
ScriptBook isn’t going to test anything. I think Tonel works for Squeak. I think I probably goofed with the Bera stuff. Probably Pharo only. 
Most of the specs for ScriptBook are soft. I have ideas about importing and exporting Json to disk, etc. 

I do know that since scripts fit so well in code and there are so many code repos that a dedicated server for Installer scripts doesn’t make much sense. 
I know that I’m building something for myself, because I’ll probably never have any users. 
I also know that as a 3rd party developer I never want to have any dealings with the Inbox/Trunk process. I think it made Squeak itself the only application. 
And while it’s emphasis on conformity and peer review is good for the core language, its mentality is the opposite of the reason a lot of people (like me) hack in the first place. So if people think that every piece of code is trying to qualify for assimilation, then perhaps that’s an overreach? 


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