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Sun Aug 4 07:36:34 UTC 2019

Marcel Taeumel uploaded a new version of Chronology-Core to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Chronology-Core-mt.49
Author: mt
Time: 4 August 2019, 9:36:34.375314 am
UUID: 118bc15d-e640-1344-9342-a9b653675df8
Ancestors: Chronology-Core-dtl.48

Moves compatibility protocol back to 51Deprecated. I think it was moved here by accident.

=============== Diff against Chronology-Core-dtl.48 ===============

Item was removed:
- ----- Method: DateAndTime class>>nowWithOffset: (in category 'squeak protocol') -----
- nowWithOffset: aDuration
- 	"Answer time now as reported by #primitiveUtcWithOffset. If the primitive is not
- 	available, answer the Posix epoch with time zone offset aDuration."
- 	| timeArray |
- 	timeArray := Time posixMicrosecondClockWithOffset.
- 	^ self utcMicroseconds: timeArray first offset: aDuration asSeconds
- !

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