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Tue Aug 6 12:19:09 UTC 2019

Marcel Taeumel uploaded a new version of Tools to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Tools-mt.869
Author: mt
Time: 6 August 2019, 2:19:03.426788 pm
UUID: f5791fb6-9566-7f40-adb5-7e899bedfa85
Ancestors: Tools-mt.868

Fixes recent regression in file-contents browser. PseudoClasses are quite different to regular classes.

=============== Diff against Tools-mt.868 ===============

Item was added:
+ ----- Method: FileContentsBrowser>>formattedLabel:forSelector:inClass: (in category 'message list') -----
+ formattedLabel: aString forSelector: aSymbol inClass: aPseudoClass
+ 	"We have no way get compiled methods for a pseudo class."
+ 	^ aString!

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