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Mon Aug 12 10:41:16 UTC 2019

> In such cases, the emergency evaluator is not shown

By the way, it is possible to invoke the emergency evaluator manually. You can invoke it with [Project tryEmergencyEvaluatorForRecovery: 'foo']. Marcel Taeumel also has a changeset that overrides MorphicProject>>#interruptSystem: to display a cmd-dot menu with various options. I do not want to violate any copyrights, but I love this menu and use it every day :)


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A new version of System was added to project The Inbox:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: System-jr.1083
Author: jr
Time: 10 August 2019, 11:06:17.813208 pm
UUID: b49919ec-ca8e-0c42-945d-8df056a7e51d
Ancestors: System-mt.1082

Allow to revert the latest method submission from the Do menu.

This makes it possible to revert the latest breaking change if the latter makes all Smalltalk tools unusable, but the world basically remains operable. In such cases, the emergency evaluator is not shown, so there was no easy way (that I know of) to revert  the latest change.

Also update the deprecation delegation in revertLastMethodSubmission because RecentMessages does not understand the previous message anymore.

=============== Diff against System-mt.1082 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Utilities class>>initializeCommonRequestStrings (in category 'common requests') -----
         "Initialize the common request strings, a directly-editable list of expressions that can be evaluated from the 'do...' menu."

         CommonRequestStrings := StringHolder new contents:
  'Utilities emergencyCollapse.
  Utilities closeAllDebuggers.
+ RecentMessages default revertMostRecent.
  MCFileBasedRepository flushAllCaches
  Sensor keyboard.
  ParagraphEditor abandonChangeText.
  Cursor normal show.
  CommandHistory resetAllHistory.
  Project allInstancesDo: [:p | p displayDepth: 16].
  ScriptingSystem inspectFormDictionary.
  Form fromUser bitEdit.
  Display border: (0 at 0 extent: 640 at 480) width: 2.
  Undeclared inspect.
  Undeclared removeUnreferencedKeys; inspect.
  Transcript clear.
  Utilities grabScreenAndSaveOnDisk.
  FrameRateMorph new openInHand.
  Utilities reconstructTextWindowsFromFileNamed: ''TW''.
  Utilities storeTextWindowContentsToFileNamed: ''TW''.
  ChangeSorter removeEmptyUnnamedChangeSets.
  ChangeSorter reorderChangeSets.
  ActiveWorld installVectorVocabulary.
  ActiveWorld abandonVocabularyPreference.'

  "Utilities initializeCommonRequestStrings"!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Utilities class>>revertLastMethodSubmission (in category 'recent method submissions') -----
+        self deprecated: 'Use RecentMessages default revertMostRecent'.
+        RecentMessages default revertMostRecent.!
-        self deprecated: 'Use RecentMessages default revertLastMethodSubmission'.
-        RecentMessages default revertLastMethodSubmission.!

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