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Wed Aug 14 13:13:00 UTC 2019

Am Mi., 14. Aug. 2019 um 09:06 Uhr schrieb Thiede, Christoph <
Christoph.Thiede at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de>:

> > - On opening "Git Browser", avoid updating Metacello and Git Browser if
> they are already installed
> As someone who often plays in Squeak using a metered connection, I would
> generally prefer to be asked whether any package should be installed,
> **before** anything is downloaded - what I would not really expect as
> this point.  Just one idea :)

Sounds like a preference feature for the various installer facilities, such
as Installer, Metacello, SqueakMap (if it has its own and does not only use
the others). Should Gofer and Monticello be included in that list? I think
not because they are somewhat lower-level.

Moreover, if the triggered action specifically indicates (in the label, not
in the tool tip) to update or install something, I would not want another
confirmation question after I clicked on it. Would you Christoph?

An abort mechanism during installations with a different UI than Ctrl+.
might also be nice for the user experience.

If we did this in the code of the menu items, instead of the installer
facilities, we would have to it again for the next installing menu items or
other installing opportunities.
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