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Thu Aug 15 15:17:15 UTC 2019

A new version of 46Deprecated was added to project The Inbox:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: 46Deprecated-ct.9
Author: ct
Time: 15 August 2019, 5:17:14.602735 pm
UUID: 54830347-b1b2-fd45-9e7a-3ac3e26db472
Ancestors: 46Deprecated-ct.8

Mark further methods as deprecated

=============== Diff against 46Deprecated-ct.8 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: CodeHolder>>abbreviatedWordingFor: (in category '*46Deprecated') -----
  abbreviatedWordingFor: aButtonSelector
  	"Answer the abbreviated form of wording, from a static table.  Answer nil if there is no entry -- in which case the long form will be used on the corresponding browser button."
+ 	self deprecated.
  	(browseMethodFull				'browse')
  	(browseSendersOfMessages	   	'senders')
  	(browseMessages				'impl')
  	(browseVersions					'vers')
  	(methodHierarchy				'inher')
  	(classHierarchy					'hier')
  	(browseVariableReferences				'refs')
  	(offerMenu						'menu')) do:
  		[:pair | pair first == aButtonSelector ifTrue: [^ pair second]].
  	^ nil!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: CodeHolder>>showingDiffsString (in category '*46Deprecated') -----
  	"Answer a string representing whether I'm showing diffs.  Not sent any more but retained so that prexisting buttons that sent this will not raise errors."
+ 	self deprecated.
  	^ (self showingRegularDiffs
  			['<no>']), 'showDiffs'!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: CodeHolder>>toggleDiff (in category '*46Deprecated') -----
  	"Retained for backward compatibility with existing buttons in existing images"
+ 	self deprecated: 'Use ', #toggleDiffing.
  	self toggleDiffing!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: MCMcmUpdater class>>useLatestPackagesFrom: (in category '*46Deprecated') -----
  useLatestPackagesFrom: repo
  	"For overriding on a per repository basis.
  	Implementation is now on the instance side, but is also maintained here because
  	an older image may be trying to update to current and may still be evaluating a block
  	in its class:>>updateFromRepositoriesMCMcmUpdater that expects thiis method to
  	be present. Delegate to the current default instance."
+ 	self deprecated: 'Call this message on self default'.
  	^ self default useLatestPackagesFrom: repo

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: MorphicProject>>exportSegmentWithCatagories:classes:fileName:directory: (in category '*46Deprecated') -----
  exportSegmentWithCatagories: catList classes: classList fileName: aFileName directory: aDirectory
  	"Store my project out on the disk as an *exported* ImageSegment.  All outPointers will be in a form that can be resolved in the target image.  Name it <project name>.extSeg.  What do we do about subProjects, especially if they are out as local image segments?  Force them to come in?
  	Player classes are included automatically."
  	| is str ans revertSeg roots holder |
+ 	self deprecated: 'Use ', #exportSegmentWithChangeSet:fileName:directory:, ' instead'.
- 	self flag: #toRemove.
- 	self halt.  "unused"
  	"world == World ifTrue: [^ false]."
  		"self inform: 'Can''t send the current world out'."
  	world ifNil: [^ false].  world presenter ifNil: [^ false].
  	ScrapBook default emptyScrapBook.
  	world currentHand pasteBuffer: nil.	  "don't write the paste buffer."
  	world currentHand mouseOverHandler initialize.	  "forget about any references here"
  		"Display checkCurrentHandForObjectToPaste."
  	Command initialize.
  	world clearCommandHistory.
  	world fullReleaseCachedState; releaseViewers. 
  	world cleanseStepList.
  	world localFlapTabs size = world flapTabs size ifFalse: [
  		self error: 'Still holding onto Global flaps'].
  	world releaseSqueakPages.
  	holder := Project allProjects.	"force them in to outPointers, where DiskProxys are made"
  	"Just export me, not my previous version"
  	revertSeg := self parameterAt: #revertToMe.
  	self projectParameters removeKey: #revertToMe ifAbsent: [].
  	roots := OrderedCollection new.
  	roots add: self; add: world; add: transcript; add: changeSet; add: thumbnail.
  	roots add: world activeHand; addAll: classList; addAll: (classList collect: [:cls | cls class]).
  	roots := roots reject: [ :x | x isNil].	"early saves may not have active hand or thumbnail"
  	catList do: [:sysCat | 
  		(SystemOrganization listAtCategoryNamed: sysCat asSymbol) do: [:symb |
  			roots add: (Smalltalk at: symb); add: (Smalltalk at: symb) class]].
  	is := ImageSegment copySmartRootsExport: roots asArray.
  		"old way was (is := ImageSegment new copyFromRootsForExport: roots asArray)"
  	is state = #tooBig ifTrue: [^ false].
  	str := ''.
  	"considered legal to save a project that has never been entered"
  	(is outPointers includes: world) ifTrue: [
  		str := str, '\Project''s own world is not in the segment.' withCRs].
  	str isEmpty ifFalse: [
  		ans := (UIManager default
  				 chooseFrom: #('Do not write file' 'Write file anyway' 'Debug')
  				 title: str).
  		ans = 1 ifTrue: [
  			revertSeg ifNotNil: [self projectParameterAt: #revertToMe put: revertSeg].
  			^ false].
  		ans = 3 ifTrue: [self halt: 'Segment not written']].
  	is writeForExportWithSources: aFileName inDirectory: aDirectory.
  	revertSeg ifNotNil: [self projectParameterAt: #revertToMe put: revertSeg].
  	world flapTabs do: [:ft | 
  			(ft respondsTo: #unhibernate) ifTrue: [ft unhibernate]].
  	is arrayOfRoots do: [:obj |
  		obj isScriptEditorMorph ifTrue: [obj unhibernate]].
  	^ true

Item was removed:
- ----- Method: ScrollPane>>hInitScrollBarTEMPORARY (in category '*46Deprecated') -----
- hInitScrollBarTEMPORARY
- "This is called lazily before the hScrollBar is accessed in a couple of places. It is provided to transition old ScrollPanes lying around that do not have an hScrollBar. Once it has been in the image for awhile, and all ScrollPanes have an hScrollBar, this method and it's references can be removed. "
- 		"Temporary method for filein of changeset"
- 		hScrollBar ifNil: 
- 			[hScrollBar := ScrollBar new model: self slotName: 'hScrollBar'.
- 			hScrollBar borderWidth: 1; borderColor: Color black.
- 			self 
- 				resizeScrollBars;
- 				setScrollDeltas;
- 				hideOrShowScrollBars].
- !

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: ScrollPane>>isAScrollbarShowing (in category '*46Deprecated') -----
  	"Return true if a either retractable scroll bar is currently showing"
+ 	self deprecated: 'mt: Use #isAnyScrollbarShowing'.
- 	self flag: #deprectaed. "mt: Use #isAnyScrollbarShowing"
  	retractableScrollBar ifFalse:[^true].
  	^self hIsScrollbarShowing or: [self vIsScrollbarShowing]

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