[squeak-dev] swiki source suited to recent Squeaks

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Thu Aug 15 23:33:04 UTC 2019

Loading TinyWiki is actually a smidge simpler than than suggested but there are two methods that need tweaking and it sure could use some htlml layout help.

Oh and it doesn't save anything anywhere except in-image. That may be a good thing for some purposes or it may be a bad thing. I tihnk it would be better saved to files in general, though I may try dumping to a postgresv3 connected database just for grins.
Installer ss
    project: 'SmaccDevelopment';
    install: 'SmaCC-lr.14.mcz'.
   " install: ‘SmaCCDev-lr.18.mcz’. <— this doesn’t appear to be needed and avoids the problem with SmalltalkImage>>#associationAt:ifAbsent:”

Installer ss
    project: 'ss2';
    install: 'TinyWiki'.

“then edit in these two methods and run the class init”
    super initialize.
    self setModel: TWFolder new initializeHelp

TWWiki class>>#initialize    "self initialize"
    WAAdmin register: self asApplicationAt:  #tinywiki

Start the WAWebServerAdaptor on port 8080
Browse to localhost:8080/tinywiki

The 'action buttons' are in a vertical oriented list, which looks awful; any hints on changing that would be welcome; I did compare the produced html with that for the tinywikis on squeaksource and it looked very similar. In the simple file wiki based on Ramon's blog I used  a pair of buttons within a form to get side-by-side buttons. I've no idea which might be the 'nice' way to do it. I have a horrible feeling it might involve CSS.

So that's an outline of one of the two approaches that appear practical...

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