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Fri Aug 16 00:42:15 UTC 2019

A new version of Morphic was added to project The Inbox:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Morphic-ct.1507
Author: ct
Time: 16 August 2019, 2:42:07.550735 am
UUID: 6eb68035-5fcb-ef48-93fd-323179bef5da
Ancestors: Morphic-mt.1505

Fix a minor bug in #openToolsAttachedToMouseCursor implementation: Look focused after dropping

By the call to #newMouseFocus:, the upcoming mouseEnter event will be sent to the grip morph instead of ourself, so we need to manually look focused.

=============== Diff against Morphic-mt.1505 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SystemWindow>>justDroppedInto:event: (in category 'geometry') -----
  justDroppedInto: aMorph event: anEvent
  		ifTrue: [self position: ((self position max: 0 at 0) grid: 8 at 8).
  				collapsedFrame := self bounds]
  		ifFalse: [fullFrame := self bounds].
  	self beKeyWindow.
  	self hasDropShadow: Preferences menuAppearance3d. "See #startDragFromLabel:."
  	aMorph == self world ifTrue: [self assureLabelAreaVisible].
  	(Project uiManager openToolsAttachedToMouseCursor and: (self hasProperty: #initialDrop))
  		ifTrue: [
  			self removeProperty: #initialDrop.
  			(self submorphs detect: [:m | m isKindOf: BottomRightGripMorph] ifNone: [])
  				ifNotNil: [:grip | 
  						referencePoint: anEvent position;
  						setProperty: #targetHadDropShadow toValue: true "See MorphicToolBuilder >> #open:".
+ 					self
+ 						hasDropShadow: false;
+ 						lookFocused.
+ 					anEvent hand newMouseFocus: grip.]].
- 					self hasDropShadow: false.
- 					anEvent hand newMouseFocus: grip]].
  	^super justDroppedInto: aMorph event: anEvent!

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