[squeak-dev] EToys : Problem Saving & Executing Modified Script

Indrajith indrajith at email.com
Fri Aug 16 11:51:23 UTC 2019

Version Tested : Squeak 5.3 (Seems to happen in 5.2 also)

Problem: In the textual version of the script "show code textually" any
modification cannot be saved and executed.

Steps to reproduce.

1. Create any object like Sketch, Rectangle etc
2. Create an emptyScript
3. In the menu (top left button of the script window) click and choose "show
code textually"
4. Type some code like "self forward: 10" (without quotes of course!)
5. Try Ctrl-S to save the code. :( The orange dog ear don't go away,
indicating the script not saved
6. Try executing the script; still the script don't execute. 

PS: The same scenario works on the etoys version 5 from squeakland.org.


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