[squeak-dev] Slow your image to a crawl with this one weird trick!

gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Thu Aug 22 16:45:32 UTC 2019

"Try this one wierd trick"

Object subclass: #Foo

          instanceVariableNames: ''

          classVariableNames: 'PageId PageTitle Lua'

          poolDictionaries: ''

          category: 'Foo-Bar'.

"Open a browser and highlight the Foo-Bar category. Then.."

1 to:3000  do: [:each | | newclassname|

    newclassname := ('FooBar', each asString) asSymbol.

     Foo subclass: newclassname

          instanceVariableNames: ''

          classVariableNames: ''

          poolDictionaries: ''

          category: 'Foo-Bar']

"Your system should slow to a crawl.

Be patient and click off of the 'Foo-Bar' category and the system should free up.

Now open a HierarchyBrowser on Foo

Things will continue to work smoothly.

Conclusion? Something funky with Browser.


Foo allSubclasses do: [:each |

Smalltalk removeClassNamed: (each name)


Smalltalk removeClassNamed: #Foo

ClassOrganizer removeCategory:'Foo-Bar'


I am on a "import that as a class" kick for SeasideDock and the WikitextParser I am working on.

I am comfortable working with these classes as I have learned to NEVER open certain categories and use the HierarchyBrowser when I need to scan the classes therein.

Thought somebody might be intrigued with the "Why" of this on purely technical grounds. I am not that guy (:


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