[squeak-dev] Installer class side location methods and pbworks.com documentation

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Thu Aug 22 20:11:54 UTC 2019

Whilst looking into ways to script loading packages I noticed a few items we could probably clean up to benefit the next release

a) the class doc is currently at  http://installer.pbwiki.com/Installer and it is quite old. That doesn't mean it is bad per se but it does mean it likely needs some updates and corrections. There are some 'interesting' related scripts etc that might be useful to look into and either update or remove. I think a lot are completely out of date now.
Note that there is/was a complaint about not using a swiki page (which I'd prefer for less-obscure) because of 'lack of real urls". No idea. Is that actually a problem now? 

b) quite a few of the class side methods providing short cuts to repositories are now invalid- 
cobalt (no server)
goran (seems not to be a repo any more, lets me into what looks like some fairly private directories)
impara (no server)
keith (no apparent server, also see this rather cool - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warrosquyoake_Shire page)
lukas (seems to be very out of date?)
saltypickle (no domain - but it is for sale!)
sophie (no domain - also for sale - whee!)
ssMirror (no server)
swasource (seems to have a squeaksource3 service but nothing in it?)
wiresong (just set as a webdav server?)

I propose copying most of the pbwiki description of the use of Installer to the class method and removing the above list of locations. Can anyone provide further info on the locations and their status? 

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