[squeak-dev] Installer class side location methods and pbworks.com documentation

Keith keithy at consultant.com
Tue Aug 27 09:38:25 UTC 2019

Hi Tim,

I wrote it and I don't remember sufficient detail.

The idea was part of a suite of capabilities for the Squeak4.1 "new
development model".

The capability was that each version of squeak would be created by
applying a crafted script to the previous version, rather than hacking
away at a trunk repo.

The scripts for various targets could be tested out and edited by
contributors as it was embedded in a wiki page. Bug fixes were supplied
by mantis, and called up by fix numbers, and the code was found embedded
in mantis pages.

These scripts would also unload as many palaces from the main image as
possible, moving them into a curated list of packages (Sake/Packages).

Bob the Builder, a continuous integration and testing tool also built on
Sake, would run the scripts, build and test the images, periodically or
whenever anything changed.


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