[squeak-dev] Installing various versions of squeaksource is problematic

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 02:20:48 UTC 2019

> > B) squeaksource
> > There's also a SqueakMap entry for the old system. It didn't load either.
> > Complaints about no #stable version etc
> > I did see the ConfigurationOfSqueakSource and tried that but again, no
> > stable version, no way I spotted to use any other named version that
> looked
> >plausible. I suppose one shouldn't be too surprised since it is pretty old
> > but it *is* the system we have as a main repository...

> Assuming that the "old system" refers to what we now know as
> squeaksource.com,
> then there is no real repository for the sources. It basically exists as a
> long running image that has survived into the modern era, with some
> workspaces
> that explain how the image originally came into existance, and how it has
> subsequently been maintained in the intervening decades.

> The source.squeak.org image is of newer vintage, and it is closely related
> to (same as?) the personalsqueaksource version.

Yes, source.squeak.org is a Personal SqueakSource instance.  They're one
and the same.

It is based on the code from the "old system", but simply brought up to
modern image with dozens fixes and improvements.

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