[squeak-dev] [Board] Squeak Oversight Board Election 2019

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 21:13:28 UTC 2019

I'd like to also voice my appreciation to Ron for handling the
election **so well**!   The two-week duration, reminders, etc. IMO,
made for a transparent and fair which is very refreshing, even if its
a small election.

>> On Tue, Feb 05, 2019 at 04:46:21PM -0500, Ron Teitelbaum wrote:
>> > Hello Everyone!
>> >
>> > First a big thank you to everyone that ran for a board seat and all of you
>> > that voted! This is a great community and we are looking forward to a great
>> > year ahead!
>> >
>> > And now please help me welcome the new 2019 Squeak Board Members!
>> Thanks Ron, and thanks to all who volunteered to run for the board, and all
>> who voted.
> I'd particularly like to thank John for throwing your hat in the ring.
> I know what its like to be new in the arena. Hope to see you on the list more,
> and even more fresh blood running in next years election.

John-Reed isn't new, I met him at Smalltalk Solutions in 2013.  He was
my top vote for his vision of making and using Squeak applications.

>> A special welcome to new board member Ben Coman, and return member Chris Muller.
>> Ben, if I am not mistaken you are based in Western Australia,
> spot on!
>> which is great because we have many under-represented Squeakers in Japan about
>> one hour away from you on the time zone map.
>> As luck would have it, we have a Squeak oversight board meeting scheduled
>> for tomorrow, not too many hours from now. It's probably too late to coordinate
>> all the incoming and emeritus members, but we do have an open agenda item
>> to pick a new and better meeting time for our meetings.
> I can make that time (if I haven't missed it already this morning past).
> Can you send me connection details?
>> Given that we now have a GMT+08:00 member on the board, I would like to
>> suggest a board meeting time of 22:00 GMT for future meetings:

That time is nearly ideal for me.

 - Chris

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