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Am Mo., 18. Feb. 2019 um 19:53 Uhr schrieb Chris Muller <asqueaker at gmail.com

> 3.  Port Squot to use FileDirectory.
Part of the fun is that one of its components writes the serialized forms
of objects (packages in FileTree format being the almost exclusively used
"special" case) to a directory, not even knowing that it is in fact
constructing a Git tree in the process. One can try to reimplement that
abstraction and call it GitDirectory, or throw over this part of the
architecture, of course. Any volunteers? ;-)

On the other hand, this abstraction is one of the parts that will make it
quite hard to integrate the Git history in the IDE (that is in the System
Browser, for method versions, timestamps, ...) because you would have the
cross this barrier to extract any history subsets efficiently. Esteban's
mail sounds to me like Iceberg intentionally does not have this
abstraction, but I didn't check. One argument in favor of the abstraction
is that (in theory) you can swap out Git for something else without
touching the file-in and file-out components (in practice, implementing the
VCS adapter is the hardest part and even the Git Browser reaches down into
the Git layers to accomplish some things, but so it at least deserves its
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