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Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Mon Jul 1 07:13:34 UTC 2019

Hi Christoph,

you could use the pattern for optional arguments in model callbacks such as in SimpleHierarchicalListMorph >> #keyStrokeAction: or EventHandler >> #send:to:withEvent:fromMorph:.

Or, since #aboutToStyle: is a hard-coded callback, you could just support another hard-coded version: #aboutToStyle:fromMorph:. Check it with #respondsTo: such as in TextEditor >> #evaluateSelectionAndDo:.

(In 2015, I removed the #respondsTo: check from PluggableTextMorphPlus >> #okToStyle:. Not sure why. Maybe performance reasons. I suppose that if a client configured #styler, that extra check felt unnecssary.)

Am 30.06.2019 22:26:29 schrieb Christoph Thiede <christoph.thiede at outlook.de>:
My desire was to activate styling in the Debugger's inspector panes for the
case you type some expression into one of the panes. Unfortunately with this
commit, each string representation of a selected instance/temporary var is
styled as well. This is a general proposal about the Inspector: Do you think
it would be a good idea to disable the styling when any variable is
selected, and to activate it on any editText event?

As far as I found out, there is no option to identify the relevant
PluggableTextMorphPlus from #aboutToStyle:, so my only idea would be to
remember the morph in an instvar of the Inspector and set its styler each
time* to nil respectively a styler object. But that looks kind of hacky to
myself ...
*The styler would have to be updated in #toggleIndex: as well as in a
selector like #editText:, where the latter does not exist yet.

Do you think styling in Inspector would be worth these changes? Is there any
better way to toggle styling (but looking at Workspace>>#toggleStyling, I do
not think so)? Or would it even be worth thinking about introducing a custom
selector to be called in PluggableTextMorphPlus>>#okToStyle?

I would be glad about any advices!

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