[squeak-dev] drag/drop events fro dragging from applications?

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Wed Jul 17 22:04:47 UTC 2019

> On 2019-07-17, at 2:23 PM, Tobias Pape <Das.Linux at gmx.de> wrote:
> What works is dropping files. Just tested with a TXT file.

Yup, that stuff has worked for years - maybe decades; I recall having fun doing the RISC OS vm part a looooooooong time ago.

> NOTE the next is OSX (or macOS) specific. The world is completely different with holes in Walls and penguins (let alone, demons and pufferfishes)

I do not like Holes in Walls. Not one little bit. At least if I run it in VMWare on my mac  I can kill it easily.

> Dragging an email directly has not worked for me.
> Reading the code in platforms/iOS/vm/OSX/sqSqueakOS*View.m, specifically -filterOutSqueakImageFilesFromDraggedFiles: (which is the same in all implementations *hint hint*)
> it seems we filter out anything in dragged stuff that is _NOT_ filenames:
> 	if ([[pboard types] containsObject: NSFilenamesPboardType]) {
> 		NSArray *files= [pboard propertyListForType: NSFilenamesPboardType];
> 		NSString *fileName;
> 		for (fileName in files) {/*...*/
> While this (NSFilenamesPboardType) is already deprecated since *rustling* exactly 10 years![1] and we should use 
> a completely different API [2], we still have to deal with the fact, that files look different when dragging:

Well that's all going to be *such* fun, isn't it? It turns out that we're not the only ones with issues to fix though; if you drag an email directly to TextWrangler, for example, it only reads the email subject line... ooh, just worked out that option-click/drag will drop the whole raw text into TW. Interesting... so there may be options. 
Sadly, if it involves noticeable VM work across platforms I don't think I'm going to get a chance to do anything about it.

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