[squeak-dev] Shout performance (was Re: The Inbox: Collections-ul.844.mcz)

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Sat Jul 20 00:38:33 UTC 2019

> On 2019-07-19, at 4:12 PM, Tobias Pape <Das.Linux at gmx.de> wrote:
>  Who cares if shout takes 0.15 or 0.148 seconds to style a text? 
> I know Tim complained, and probably rightfully so.

Well, in this particular case, it was a problem of Shout taking >1sec or, more precisely, having Shout enabled causing the typing experience on a slow machine  - a Pi 1 - to be very, very, poor. As in so slow that it was difficult to actually type without getting lost because of the delays, bursts of characters and so on. Only by completely unloading it could I get any acceptable editing experience. Now clearly, a Pi3 with a Cog VM is much, much, faster, so there is no particular practical issue any more.

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