[squeak-dev] Performance of #hasLiteral:

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Tue Jul 23 08:03:34 UTC 2019

Hi, all! :-)

I am thinking about literals to which a method refers only implicitely via a special bytecode. There are scan blocks for that such asin EncoderForSistaV1 class >> #scanBlockorNilForLiteral:.

However, it doesn't make sense to do that for regular literals such as #someRegularLiteralMessageSelector.

Take a look at CompiledCoded >> #hasLiteral:. It is fast enough for a match but kind of slow otherwise.

Is there a way to add some check to a given literal like "aLiteral isSymbol & aLiteral size > x"? I think we miss some complements for #scanBlockorNilForLiteral:...

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