[squeak-dev] Dorados (was: Efficient Implementation of the Smalltalk-80 System: what was the hardware?)

Jecel Assumpcao Jr. jecel at merlintec.com
Thu Jul 25 22:50:41 UTC 2019

Tim Rowledge wrote on Thu, 25 Jul 2019 15:03:56 -0700
> And by the end of '87 Eliot & I had his old BrouHaHa interpreter
> running on a 4MHz ARM1 at 25% Dorado and an 8MHz ARM3 at 85%.

Wouldn't that have been an 8MHz ARM2? That is what is in my Merlin 4
computer (which I tried to turn on the other day to demo to a visitor
and it didn't work). The ARM3 was an ARM2 with 4KB of unified cache and
could run at 24MHz.

> I did actually run the old benchmarks on my Pi 3B+ a few days ago
> to check something and Squeak/Cog/ARM A53 @ 1.4GHz returned
> somewhere around 180x Dorado. TBH I think we're way past those
> numbers meaning very much but :-)

Since I am typing this in Celeste (Squeak 4.1 with an interpreter VM) we
can do 0 tinyBenchmarks => '462511291 bytecodes/sec; 12554373 sends/sec'

This is a quad Intel Core 2 at 2.33GHz.

462511291 / 400000.0 => 1156.2782275

Maybe it would be fun to add a "Dorados" result to tinyBenchmarks?

-- Jecel

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