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Robert robert.withers at pm.me
Sun Jun 9 01:52:56 UTC 2019

- I ported SSL [1] and SSH [2], onto ParrotTalk's framework, along with a new supporting ParrotTalk [3], including the supporting Telnet [4] and PseudoTTY changesets from Ian Piumarta [5]. Complete delayed credit due to Ian. I harvested the ProtocolState from Ian many, many moons ago and completely forgot to credit him and lost the pointer. Well, in porting Telnet, I rediscovered the original source. I ensured its definition within ParrotTalk, with a few changes I depend on. Thanks Ian!

I ported initial attempts to subclass an important stateMachine, from each of SSL and SSH, to be rooted at ParrotTalk's SessionOperations. More work is needed, including defining active frameSpecifications that can ddetect appropriate frames for these new Protocols, in a new FrameAnalyzer, to be used by the new SessionProtocolSelector. The current hierarchy of SessionOperations as follows:


- SessionOperations_v3_8
- SessionOperations_v3_7
- SessionOperations_v3_6
- SSLHandshakeStateMachine
- SSHTransportHandshakeStateMachine

[1] SSL-rww.20.mcz -
[1] SSH-rww.13.mcz -
[1] ParrotTalk-rww.30.mcz -
[4] Telnet-rww.105.mcz -
[5] Ian Piumarta - http://piumarta.com/cv/bio.html


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> I have been reworking the initial session stack to use a SessionOperation which does Protocol Selection. Some progress in defining and implementing a new feature of ParrotTalk Automated Protocol Selection - PAPS. Heh.
> http://callistohouse.club/index.php/2019/06/08/redesigning-parrottalk-for-automated-protocol-selection/
> “With full implementations of SSL (TLS v1.2) [1] and SSH [2] in Squeak’s Cryptography project, a FrameAnalyzer May be able to automatically detect frame specification for a given incoming frame and choose non-ParrotTalk frames and hence distinguish a variety of Protocol SessionOperations (SessionOperations_v3_6, SessionOperations_v3_7, SessionOperations_v3_8, SSL_TLS_1_2, SSL_TLS_v1_3, SSH). That would be a powerful capability.
> [1] SSL – http://www.squeaksource.com/Cryptography/SSL-CDavidShaffer.19.mcz
> [2] SSH – http://www.squeaksource.com/Cryptography/SSH-rww.12.mcz>
> Kindly,
> Robert
> robert at callistohouse.club
> http://callistohouse.club
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