[squeak-dev] Is MethodHolder really part of Etoys and not Tools-Base?

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Thu Jun 13 06:24:35 UTC 2019

I think that CodeHolder should work with single instances of CompiledMethod or MethodReferences already. There should be no need for MethodHolder ... If not, CodeHolder would be just like a Workspace holding some code expressions. At least, I do not consider CodeHolder as an abstract superclass. :-)

Am 12.06.2019 22:18:05 schrieb Tim Johnson <digit at sonic.net>:

I noticed that MethodHolder is only used by classes in the
Etoys-Scripting category (Player and ScriptEditorMorph).

On its class side, it only has methods in the *Etoys protocol.

So, considering this, might it also belong in Etoys-Scripting rather
than in Tools-Base?

Tim J

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