[squeak-dev] monticello repository creation

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Mon Jun 17 23:20:36 UTC 2019

Hmph. Now I'm more confused.

The 'ADayAtTheBeach' repository is full of lots of stuff, including what appears to be the same WebClient/Server stuff included in Squeak. The WebClient-Monticello stuff appears to be a small extension to WebServer - but it's all about nine years old... 
The SqueakMap entry for SqueakSource is stuck back at version 117 from 2004 and attempting to load via that route fails. SqueakSource itself appears to have a 2015 dated version 1084. I can't see any starting point for loading it. There's a *lot* of code there.

There's also SqueakSource2 (seemingly very obsolete), SqueakSource3 (?) and several SqueakMap related SM entries.
Wiresong.ca appears very dead. 

I'll see if the WebClient-Monticello stuff seems to work... but it would be great to have a cleanout of all the cruft and get doc up to date.

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