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PS: I also wondered why SyntaxErrorNotification does not override #isResumable ...
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Hi Marcel,

I recently wrote a similar extension method for own purposes:

resumeWithSource: aString

                reparse: aString notifying: nil ifFail: nil;
                resumeUnchecked: self defaultResumeValue

But it does have a different semantic than #retryUsing, which usually takes
a block?

This will work for

[Compiler evaluate: '6 times 7']
        on: SyntaxErrorNotification
        do: [:ex | ex resumeWithSource: '6*7'].

but not for

[Compiler evaluate: '''''''']
        on: SyntaxErrorNotification
        do: [:ex | ex resumeWithSource: ''''''''''].

Changing #parseCue:noPattern:ifFail: so that the initializing calls are also
handled when raising ReparseSourceAfterEditing would solve the problem:

         doitFlag := noPattern.
         [self encoder init: aCue notifying: self.
         self init: myStream cue: aCue failBlock: [^ aBlock value].

         subSelection := self interactive and: [cue requestor selectionInterval =
(p + 1 to: p + s size)].

         failBlock:= aBlock.
         methNode := self method: noPattern context: cue context]
                on: ReparseAfterSourceEditing
                do:     [ :ex | ...

However, would this be a good approach?


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