[squeak-dev] monticello repository creation

Tim Johnson digit at sonic.net
Tue Jun 18 14:02:35 UTC 2019

On Jun 16, 2019, at 4:07 PM, tim Rowledge wrote:

> I've been using Mc for years but never had a need for a private  
> repository before. Now I do; one accessible via http(s) really.
> A quick look on the swiki showed me some incomplete and very old  
> pages but nothing that leaped out as relevant. Pointers to a guide  
> on what to do would be welcomed.

I've had good luck and fine results over many years by just using a  
WebDAV directory on one of my various Dreamhost domains. It's  
practically one-click-and-go.  Perhaps I'm missing some features,  
though — but I've never noticed...?

Tim J

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