[squeak-dev] Two old(?) Morphic submissions in Inbox

Tim Johnson digit at sonic.net
Sun Mar 3 00:17:16 UTC 2019


I don't know the timeframe for Inbox-to-Trunk consideration, so please excuse me if a 4-month reminder is gauche.

I still believe these Morphic changes from November would be good to include.  They're fairly simple user experience enhancements.  Please let me know if they need further work or attention, in which case I may need some instruction on proper Inbox submission.  I didn't intend to include or change any preamble/postscript.

Here's what they do:

Morphic-tcj.1467 avoids a DNU if someone clicks the 'printer setup' shifted-menu item. #printerSetup was implemented in MVC but not Morphic.  (Not sure whether the 'printer setup' menu item is even useful.)

Morphic-tcj.1466 saves a user from making a mess in the event of shift-clicking a menu item label in TheWorldMainDockingBar.  (I suggest you try it, to witness the current behavior, which is deficient in two ways from my perspective.)

Tim J

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