[squeak-dev] Testing out new UTCDateAndTime in Squeak 5.3 alpha

Tim Johnson digit at sonic.net
Mon Mar 11 22:08:07 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I am testing out UTCDateAndTime via trunk.  I am happy with the results 
so far, and intend to send along some notes in the near future.

One of my tests was refusing to pass, though, and I have narrowed it 
down to this new behavior which I find kind of strange.

| d span |
d := DateAndTime now.
span := (DateAndTime now - 5 minutes) to: DateAndTime now.
span includes: d.  " false"

d := DateAndTime now.
span := (DateAndTime now - 5 minutes) to: (DateAndTime now + 1 
span includes: d.   " true"

d := DateAndTime now - 1 milliSecond.
span := (DateAndTime now - 5 minutes) to: (DateAndTime now).
span includes: d. " true"

What am I doing wrong?

I am running on OS X using Cog Spur VM 5.0-201803080952 (64-bit).

Tim J

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