[squeak-dev] The Inbox: TraitsTests-pre.19.mcz

patrick.rein at hpi.uni-potsdam.de patrick.rein at hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Thu Mar 28 15:15:13 UTC 2019

The test documents the (currently not working) workflow for removing a trait from a class by simply removing the "uses:" line from the class definition. To make this work, we would have to make the Class>>#subclass:instanceVariableNames:classVariableNames:poolDictionaries:category: method aware of traits. The method would have to reset the trait composition as Class>>#subclass:uses:instanceVariableNames:classVariableNames:poolDictionaries:category: currently does. Potentially, the change could also be embedded deeper in the class creation code to avoid that duplication and make the other class creation methods more robust. 

I am hesitant, as I am aware that traits have been prevented from being integrated more deeply so far. At the same time, the described missing workflow has already led users to struggle with using traits in the first place. So as they are part of the system I would rather improve their usability. Any other oppinions?


>Patrick Rein uploaded a new version of TraitsTests to project The Inbox:
>==================== Summary ====================
>Name: TraitsTests-pre.19
>Author: pre
>Time: 28 March 2019, 3:30:48.769796 pm
>UUID: 2ed07595-23e5-5f41-92ef-17c27ad0a017
>Ancestors: TraitsTests-ul.18
>Adds a test case for removing traits from a class by simply executing a class creation method without a trait composition. This does currently not yet work.
>=============== Diff against TraitsTests-ul.18 ===============
>Item was added:
>+ ----- Method: TraitTest>>expectedFailures (in category 'failures') -----
>+ expectedFailures
>+ 	^ #(testRemoveTraitBySimpleClassDefinition)!
>Item was added:
>+ ----- Method: TraitTest>>testRemoveTraitBySimpleClassDefinition (in category 'testing') -----
>+ testRemoveTraitBySimpleClassDefinition
>+ 	| classAv1 classAv2 |
>+ 	classAv1 := self createClassNamed: #TraitTestMethodClassA superclass: Object uses: T1.
>+ 	classAv2 := self createClassNamed: #TraitTestMethodClassA superclass: Object.
>+ 	self assert: classAv1 == classAv2.
>+ 	self assert: classAv2 traits isEmpty.!
>Item was added:
>+ ----- Method: TraitsTestCase>>createClassNamed:superclass: (in category 'utility') -----
>+ createClassNamed: aSymbol superclass: aClass
>+ 	| class |
>+ 	class := aClass
>+ 		subclass: aSymbol
>+ 		instanceVariableNames: ''
>+ 		classVariableNames: ''
>+ 		poolDictionaries: ''		
>+ 		category: self categoryName.
>+ 	self createdClassesAndTraits add: class.
>+ 	^class!

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