[squeak-dev] Nebraska server in 5.2

Tim Johnson digit at sonic.net
Sun May 5 22:01:32 UTC 2019


I tried to follow instructions to launch a Nebraska server, but ended up first with a debugger, and second a confused Morphic.  This is in Squeak 5.2, on a Mac.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open a new Morphic project
2. Do it:  NebraskaServerMorph serveWorld: World        (this comes from NebraskaServer class comment) 
3.  Enter a name
4. Witness the debugger[1]  [2]  and the name now attached to the hand 
5. World menu -> previous project  (or Projects menu -> Previous Project)
6. witness the confusion and the name now removed from the hand
7. Witness strange behavior with the hand:  when moving around, the cursor may change its graphic, but not in relation to what's actually under it in this world/project.  Clicking on things may or may not have any effect.  You may (or may not) be able to re-enter the other project by clicking on its thumbnail.

Is there some better way to launch than "NebraskaServerMorph serveWorld: World"?  The class comment has some text in red:  "Current version has been modified so that the server serves the world in which it was launched. Other variations are certainly possible."


[] in ConnectionQueue>>initPortNumber:queueLength:
[] in BlockClosure>>newProcess

[2] interesting, I didn't know one could supply an Interval of port numbers like (9091 to: 9099)

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