[squeak-dev] #valueWithPossibleArgument: vs. #cull:

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Mon May 20 19:18:55 UTC 2019

> Hi, there.
> I think that all (6) sends in Trunk to #valueWithPossibleArgument: can be
> replaced with #cull:, which is more flexible.

It may be that these replacements can occur in trunk, but please don't let
it lead to, "ah, now valueWithPossibleArgument: has no senders so we can
deprecate it."   ;-/

For arguments that accept a Collection, coercing a single object into a
single-element collection is a useful pattern for improving API usability.
#valueWithPossibleArgument: does that.

> Does anyone recall the story of #cull:? Maybe we should just implement #valueWithPossibleArgument:
> on MessageSend (and maybe Symbol) to make it more consistent?

+1.  We should add #valueWithPossibleArgument: to MessageSend (and maybe
Symbol), and keep it on BlockClosure too.  It is useful separately from
#cull:[...] for certain situations.


> For context, here is how I stumbled on it:
> #(1 2 3) collect: #even. "Works."
> 1 ifNotNil: #even. "Works."
> #(1) ifNotEmpty: #first. "Does not work."
> Please note that this question is not about "#(1 2 3) collect: #even"
> versus "#(1 2 3) collect: [:ea | ea even]". ;-) This is more like a case of
> surprising inconsistency...
> Best,
> Marcel
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