[squeak-dev] Big Sur broken update stream [see The Trunk: Multilingual-eem.253.mcz]

Eliot Miranda eliot.miranda at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 03:19:52 UTC 2020

Hi All,

    those of you using Big Sur will notice that update is broken, MNUs and
errors occurring in character code conversion in trying to write to the
changes file. This is die to some non-future-proof code written to
distinguish Mac OS prior to OS X.  The old code asked

    ('10*' match: Smalltalk osVersion)

which fell flat when confronted with '1100.1', '1101.0' etc.

I've committed fixes, alas the bug won't allow you to update on Big Sur.
So if you only have access to Big Sur here is how to get your system to
update.  The trick here is to save an image with the relevant fixes
installed manually and then restart that image to get functional character
conversion code that can update.  It's a three step dance.

1a. Locate Multilingual-eem.253 in a repository inspector on
source.squeak.org/trunk.  *do not load it*
1b. select Changes and in the resulting MCPatchBrowser manually install all
changes *except*
        JapaneseEnvironment class>>#flapTabTextFor:in:
        JapaneseEnvironment class>>#isBreakableAt:in:
1c. save and quit and restart

2. in a workspace evaluate
        SourceFiles do: [:ea| ea initializeConverter]

3. update

best, Eliot
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