[squeak-dev] Sound mixing makes nasty noises

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Fri Dec 18 06:45:30 UTC 2020

Am 18.12.2020 um 02:52 schrieb tim Rowledge:
> Yikes. That smacks of needing a lot of advance information. How on earth do we handle sometihng like a true ten-finger keyboard? Make each sound only allow volume 0.1 ?
>> This again is not trivial, because of the way interference works: adding two sounds can potentially double the height of their amplitude peaks, where they interfere constructively, but can also, where they interfere destructively, lead to a lower volume (for an extreme example, if you mix a signal with its exact mirror you will get a plain silence).
That is just very unlikely, all tones you press on your keyboard must
start with that exact delay that they reach their maxima at the same
time. So the higher tone must start later than the lower one because it
reaches its max quicker when both start from zero.  But yes, if you look
at the waveform of some classical music you see a lot of headroom for
the few peaks. Just not a factor 10. Different story for current popular
music. Or music to be listened to while driving.



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